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Give thanks for every breath – every new day

Close your eyes for a minute. Shut everything out and think about ‘every good and perfect gift’ that you have received from the heavenly Father. Once you get started it is difficult to stop, because there is no end to the gifts that we receive from the hands of God. Every breath, every new day, every moment that fills our hearts with joy – every single thing is a gift from the Father of lights.

So often we forget just how much we have received. Maybe we tend to focus on our own accomplishments, or the people around us who help us out – forgetting that it is God who has given us the talents and abilities that we have and the abilities that others have who help us.

It is a good practice to stop regularly and count the many blessings we have; not only to count them, but to thank God for them, each and every one. God is truly our heavenly Father, who loves to bestow wonderful gifts upon His children … upon you. Like a child, there’s no way that we can repay Him for all He has done. No matter how much we try, there is no way to ‘return the favour’ to someone who has given us life, light, and everything we hold dear – including His blessed presence in our lives. Sometimes all we can do is just say thank you. In His eyes, a sincere ‘thank you’ from a child of His is enough.

During 2015 you can use the ‘Gratitude Journals’ in The Christian Power Book Life Planner to give thanks for the blessings in your life.

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