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Devotionals That Will Lift Your Spirit

The Christian Power Book ReflectionsDoes the bible only show the righteous way to live? What about tackling modern day problems and finding solutions to personal struggles?

The Bible is more than just a recount of the life of our saviour, Jesus Christ – it is a guide to living life in accordance with the will of the Lord and your destiny. As such, using its power graciously, understanding the inner meaning in relation to your own life can unleash the true potential hidden within. The Power Book Reflections is a journal, devotional read and action planer, rolled in one with the bible as its leading source.

The Power Book Reflections is broken down into five sections namely, The Reflection, Bible Scripture, Devotional Passage, Reflection Notes and the Spiritual Action Step. Each section helps build or cement an idea, promote a thought to the precipice of realisation. Every section begins with a simple but deep meaning question – The Reflection. Ask yourself these questions and try to consider how it applies to you. Meditate on the answer, repeat it a couple of times in your mind as you ponder over the answer.

To help you reach an answer, the reflection is given weight by a Biblical Scripture. Remember God himself is responsible for our understanding, aiding us in deciphering meanings beyond the comprehension of a simple mind. So to know Him and to understand His words is the key to unlocking answers to your reflection questions.

As you ponder over such abstract but intricate ideas, read through the Devotional Passage and let it shine some light on your situation, encouraging a positive solution. Remember it is faith in God and his words that helps concentrate the mind, meditate and discover otherwise hidden experiences and examples that can stir up the conscience into action.

This is where you need to take action and it starts by using the Reflection Notes at the end of each chapter to pen down the thoughts swirling around in your mind. Consider it a personal journal. Include every idea you come across, what you think God is asking of you or advising.

The final step to thoroughly using The Power Book Reflections is to take action, called the Spiritual Action Step. God can only order your steps but you have to be prepared to move your feet for anything to really happen.

The Power Book Reflections is written for people who strive hard to live life in accordance with the will of the Lord but at times get lost in their chosen path. It isn’t a truly religious scripture or insight, consider it more of a guide through the hard times and a restrainer in good times to prevent destiny from slipping away.

A concentrated and concise effort to gather together ideas, scriptures and religious teachings in correlation with modern day life and introduce the feeling of the Lord’s hand over you, use the Power Book Reflections as an outlet to ponder, prepare and act on your destiny.

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