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Power Book Mentoring

Do you need a supportive, accountability partner who can help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations?

Power Book Spirituality and Self-Improvement (SSI) Mentoring Can Help?

Mentoring_Word_CloudOur passion is helping you to lead a thriving, purposeful life. This focus is combined with our commitment to personal growth through a biblical perspective.

Given the pressures of modern day life, it can sometimes be hard to stay focussed and committed to your goals and plans. Using The Christian Power Book range of resources, our Power Book SSI Mentoring will help you to stay motivated, focussed and on track.


Power Book SSI Mentoring incorporates all the great supportive strategies of mentoring combined with spirituality and self-improvement techniques. 

The sessions provide you with a comfortable environment for you to be guided and supported in using The Christian Power Book Life Planner each week. These sessions will help you to grow, find and manifest your purpose and live out God’s plan for your life.

For more information about our Power Book Mentoring email mentoring@christianpowerbook.com

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