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Change your life in 40 days with The Christian Power Book Life Planner 40-Day Challenge.

Is it possible to change your life in 40 days? With God’s help and direction, emphatically YES!!!

There is no limit to what God can do in your life if you surrender your will to God.

In the Bible, we find numerous instances where often when God wanted to prepare someone for a truly great destiny, He used a 40-day period to transform their life. In some cases, He stopped them in their tracks and completely altered the path of their life. In other cases, He allowed them to continue on their path, but with new focus and vision. God used outer circumstances and He used inner conditions. He used rain and He used a wilderness. However, He always used 40 days, and always, those involved were never the same again.

Are you tired of being the same? How could God change you in 40 days?

Noah, Moses and Elijah are a few biblical characters that God used 40 days to change their lives. Perhaps the most memorable is the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness overcoming the temptation of Satan. After that time of temptation, Jesus entered His public ministry. He healed the sick. He fed the thousands. He raised the dead. He changed the world.

What could The Power Book Challenge do for you in 40 days?

 Some of the benefits you will gain are:

  • Greater spiritual growth and understanding of God’s word.
  • Self-improvement in a number of areas of your life.
  • Greater self-awareness and understanding of God’s purpose in your life.
  • Renewed focus and sense of direction for your life.
  • Positive change in a number of areas of your life.

How does the 40-Day Challenge work?

Here are the 5 Steps you need to know to start and complete The Christian Power Book Life Planner 40-Day Challenge.

1st Step: Discover Why.

Work out your WHY & What! By this we mean decide on why you are doing the 40-day Challenge and what you hope to gain from it. To help you do this, use the 40-Day Challenge ‘WHY’s Up’ sheet.

40-Day Challenge
(You can download your copy here.)

You must also become familiar with The Christian Power Book Life Planner and all its parts. Read the ‘How to use The Christian Power Book Life sections, so you know how to useThe Christian Power Book Life Planner effectively. The more you know about The Christian Power Book Life Planner, the more you will realise how each section has been designed to nurture positive change in you. When you understand this, it is more likely that you will be successful in sticking to the 40-Day Challenge.

2nd Step: Desire Change.

You must MAKE UP YOUR MIND to do the 40-Day Challenge. All positive changes begin with a decision when presented with opportunity. No one can make up your mind for you. You must desire increase and want to change your life for the better. You must truly desire it. Something can only be truly desired when we are just plain tired of what we have been getting. It’s time for a change, as doing the same things will only get you the same results. If you are ready for positive change in your life then The Power Book 40-Day Challenge is for you.

 3rd Step: Do It.

You must DO IT! No excuses, no procrastination, no reasons and rationale why not. Your first action is to develop your plans for 2015 and your four ‘Life Plan Statements’ in The Christian Power Book Life Planner. When your ‘Life Plan Statements’ have been completed, you are ready to start the challenge.

Click here for video instructions on how to complete your Life Plan Statements. (View videos Step No.1 to Step No.4) 

4th Step: Dedicate Time.

You must do more than simply do it – you must COMMIT yourself to doing the challenge for the entire 40 days. That means allocating time each day to do work on yourself and The Power Book 40-Day Challenge. The Power Book 40-Day Challenge demands commitment and dedication to you, becoming a better you.

5th Step. Daily Discipline.

You must adopt daily disciplines. The Power Book 40-Day Challenge requires discipline. The components of The Power Book 40-Day Challenge are EASY TO DO – they are also EASY NOT TO DO. The choice will be yours and yours only whether you skip a day, or skip a section. If you plan the challenge into your life and have the discipline to use The Christian Power Book Life Planner every day, the results at the end of 40 days will speak for themselves.

Extra Tip:

  • Find a 40-Day Challenge Buddy, that’s someone who will do the challenge with you. Or someone who can hold you accountable to the 40-Day Challenge.

Whatever your current struggles are, there is hope for the stronger, more focused and more spiritually aware person you’ll become as you work your way through The Christian Power Book Life Planner 40-Day Challenge.

Facing adversity and celebrating life can happen in tandem, and if done correctly, can have a lasting impact on your sense of self, your direction in life, and your ability to chart your own course, build your own destiny, and fulfill your wildest dreams.

It is our hope that The Power Book 40-Day Challenge will form the foundation and catalyst you need to move you closer to becoming a healthy, whole person in body, mind, and spirit – all while helping you to fulfil the purpose God has for your life.



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