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Are You Frustrated With Having Your Sermon Notes On Lots Of Different Pieces Of Paper, Or Plain Note Pads That Are Just Piling Up?

I am ready to order my copy of The Christian Power Book ServicePad NOW!

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Would you like to know a better and more effective way to organise your sermon notes?.

Here is the problem… Using lots of different note pads or loose pieces of paper for your service notes can make reflecting on what you have learnt unorganised and frustrating.

It’s even more frustrating when you lose that piece of paper you made a note of about that message you heard. Or you end up with loads of separate pieces of paper or piles of note pads with no order to them or idea what’s in them.

There was a time when I and members of the team used to make our service notes on any piece of paper we could find; we would also use a small plain note pad.  The problem was… the note pad had so many other notes written on it from our other activities.

When it came to making notes of the message we were listening to in the service we just wrote on the first clear page we could find, anywhere in the note pad. We soon realised that our notes were all over the place and we could not refer to our notes easily.

We would even forget where we had made our notes. As a result often, we could not remember much of the service we had just heard and felt blessed by.

The Bible informs us in Jeremiah 30:2 that Jeremiah was told to write the words God spoke to him in a book. 

If Jeremiah can be told to write the words God spoke to him in a book; Don’t you think we should follow Jeremiah’s lead and record the words God speaks to us through His Ministers?

Let me ask you a question, “Do you think you would grow and learn more from your service messages, if you wrote down the words you heard from God’s Ministers?”

What if your notes were structured, organised and easy to refer to?

Would that help you apply your learning and God’s wisdom in your life?

Here’s how you can… With the #1 way to keep all your sermon notes organised neatly in one place.

The Christian Power Book ServicePad.

This inspiring resource has been designed to empower you to record and keep the ‘good news’ that God shares with you through His Minsters organised neatly in one place.

There are sections to:

  • List the key scriptures passages used in each Church service
  • The speaker’s name
  • The theme of service
  • Your sermon notes.
  • There are also sections for you to record and consider what you have learnt from each service message.
  • You will also find a section to create a personal page reference guide to easily find those important notes you made.
  • Included are 52 thought-provoking weekly Bible meditations that will help to increase your understanding of God’s word.
The Christian Power Book Bible ServicePad has been created by a team, that collectively has over 40 years of experience in creating spiritual and personal growth resources.

Our range of resources have received many positive comments and testimonials as to their effectiveness.

The Christian Power Book Serve Or Return Policy

We aim to serve you, as Jesus served. For your peace of mind we offer a ‘Serve Or Return’ policy on The Christian Power Book ServicePad. If it does not serve you by improving the way you plan and organise your life just return it and we will give you a refund.

James 1:22 instructs us to be, “Doers of the word and not just hearers.”

If you hear the word of God through His Ministers but do not record it clearly, how can you expect to ‘grow in grace and knowledge’ and effectively apply His wisdom in your life?

Make a commitment today to make service notes! Get your copy of the #1 way to organise your Bible study notes The Christian Power Book ServicePad.

I want to organise my service notes with The Christian Power ServicePad

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