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God is creating a work of art in you

Do you strive to remember, in all you do, that God is creating a work of art in you?

A comment I heard frequently while growing up was, “Well begun is half done.” It basically meant that if you’re off to a good start, you’re likely to finish well.

This is a good thought to bear in mind as we begin our journey for 2015.

I’ve found this to be true in my adult life. Sometimes it’s easy for me to procrastinate on beginning a project, but once I get started, I realise it really isn’t that huge or difficult. Yes, it takes time and focus and prayer, but just starting something can work as an impetus to finish it. At the same time, I can’t just stop there, at ‘well begun’. I have to see the project or task through to the end. I need to not only start well, but finish strong.

Our spiritual lives are similar. When we accept Christ as Saviour of our souls and Lord of our lives, He begins the work in us of building, shaping, and remaking. In the beginning, it is often inspiring and rejuvenating, to feel the Spirit of God moving in our lives. After a while, we can tend to lose inspiration, or we get discouraged by a time of difficulty or even a severe test. We need to realise that this is still God working in our lives.

We are God’s children, and He is forming us into works of art. As such, it takes chiseling, sanding, and perfecting – which isn’t always easy. If we hold on, trust Him, and commit to finishing strong, He will complete the work He has begun, and it will be a Masterpiece.

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